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Share Your Story on #BlackWFH Day 2020, 6/10/20!

Updated: Jun 7

I sincerely hope that you are doing well despite the current circumstances of anti-Black hatred happening in our world. If you aren't well, please take some time to disconnect and realign yourself with things that bring joy.

I launched this platform with the hope of starting a global conversation promoting the safety of Black employees in the virtual workplace. On June 10, 2020, I am partnering with independently Black owned media platform Ark Republic, an independent Black media source, to hold space for Black teleworkers as they tell their stories of navigating the virtual workplace, and I want you to be a part of it, too.

#BlackWFH Day will amplify the stories of Black professionals undergoing the experience of living and working in the same place. For me, it has been liberating; I’ve started a balcony garden, built a home gym, and spent more time creating, even learning how to diversify my retirement accounts. Working from home has allowed me to gain physical and emotional wellness, and focus on wealth-building.

On the flip side, I’ve experienced racial discrimination, burn out, and frustration with leadership.

Have you experienced any of those things? What has worked well for you? What has not worked so well for you? What is your new normal like?

Using the hashtag #BlackWFH on June 10, 2020, share a post about your experience on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or Twitter (or all of ‘em). I’m calling that day Black Teleworkers’ Day with hopes that it illuminates our narratives.

Let the world peek into your home office, or give us a glimpse of your latest lunchtime experiment--I mean, recipe. Tell us about a time when you felt like you couldn’t show your 4c hair during a video conference because you haven't had access to a stylist. Tell us about the inappropriate comments that a co-worker made about your avatar. Whatever is meaningful and authentic, share it.

If you are a white ally, here is how you can participate in #BlackWFH Day 2020:

  • Re-post and re-share #BlackWFH posts across your social media accounts

  • Donate to grass roots organizations like Black Lives Matter

  • Buy an item from BlackWFH Shop and give it to a Black colleague as a sign of you personal commitment to ending racism. Proceeds keep this site running.

  • Donate to historically black institutions of higher education, like my alma mater Dillard University

  • Donate to Black media companies like Ark Republic

Share this information with your networks and communities. Here is a press release about #BlackWFH Day 2020 that you can share with media outlets. I've even added social media post templates so you can help us spread the word.

#BlackWFH Post Templates
Download ZIP • 253KB

I look forward to you joining the conversation and telling your story about being young, Black, and working from home.


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