• R. Perry

Checklist: 6 Things to Ask of Your Company's Leaders to Demonstrate Commitment to Black Lives

Updated: Jun 6

I have received a ton of inquiries from white colleagues about how I am doing, and what they can do to support me and my community. Aside from offering them a list of resources on racism and dismantling white supremacy, I hadn't formulated an ask. Until now.

I also wanted to start sending out my CashApp, but that wouldn't be helpful for the movement, right?

Once you identify a powerful ally with access to the decision makers in your organization, and have confirmed that it is safe to do so, tell them exactly how they can support. Be clear, direct, and confident. I'd recommend starting with an email invitation to collaborate and chat, and take the conversation to a video or phone call.

Ask that your company make a public statement that clearly takes a stance against anti-Black racism. Insist that clear words are used to pointedly identify the issues, and commit to action.

Then ask that employees be given resources to help them navigate the issues we're facing nationally, and the distinct issues that may be happening in your organization.

The next ask should be that organizational leaders take a closer look at the company, its policies, and work conditions to root out and rid itself of racism and bias.

Clearly ask that anti-white supremacy initiatives be enacted to create a company culture that thrives on diversity and inclusion; reflected in fair hiring, promotion, and compensation.

Ask that leaders take a look at work from home policies, and follow the lead of progressive companies by allowing 100% remote work options. Express how valuable the outcome would be for workers and the company.

We live in a capitalist system, and money ALWAYS talks. Ask that corporate budgets for community initiatives be allocated to funding and supporting the movement, whether in material goods, or monetarily.

It takes bravery to bring up these issues to leaders at our companies. We have too much to lose by remaining silent. Our lives and future are at stake. If companies can do it for whales and the polar ice caps, they can do it for Black lives.

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What else should I add to this list?

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